Wednesday, 25 May 2011


  1. Is this based on a photo or sketches? It would be really good to post a step-by-step series of wips, from the original source to the finished piece.

    It's quite hard to critique finished pieces - it looks nice, what more can I say? If it's based on a photo, all the creative and technical choices are already made for you, so it's a bit of a cop out :-)

    If you work from your won sketches, we can start to talk about choices of composition, colour, etc etc.

  2. Thanks, yeah this is based on a photo. I have an environment fetish so the idea was to visit as many different types of areas as i can (urban/rural/vehicle etc) quickly and just work on changing composition, colour, lighting as part of my artistic input before heading into a full concept (my creativity is awful).

    Ill make my next painting from scratch with prep stages and see how that goes. Thanks

  3. one good experiment to try when doing a photostudy is to zoom out of your ref so its only a business card size on screen, that way you become more concerned about trying to understand colour information/tone instead of getting lost in detail [not that its the case here]
    nice piece though